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Accel-Amplicon® NGS Panels


Overlapping Amplicon Coverage in a Single Tube

Prepare Targeted Libraries in 2 Hours

Accel-Amplicon NGS Panels utilize multiple overlapping amplicons in a single tube, using a rapid, 2-hour workflow to prepare ready-to-sequence libraries. Primer pairs in Accel-Amplicon NGS Panels are compatible with short DNA fragments and are designed for generating libraries from input DNA as low as 10 ng. This unique design enables applications utilizing limiting or damaged samples such as FFPE and cfDNA, and provides powerful solutions for detecting variants and screening clinically-relevant mutations with limit of detection down to 1%.

Key benefits include:

  • Optimized for all Illumina®  sequencing platforms

  • Designed for germline and somatic variant detection

  • Offers overlapping amplicons in a fast, easy single-tube workflow

  • Provides high on-target percentage and coverage uniformity, enabling low frequency (> 1%) variant discovery and confirmation

The Accel-Amplicon NGS Panels are available in two formats:

Accel-Amplicon Pre-Designed NGS Panels — Expertly designed panels using content from peer-reviewed publications and thought leader input. Includes assays for cancer genes, rare disease, and sample tracking.

Accel-Amplicon Custom NGS Panels — Start from scratch. We’ll help you through the design process and validate a unique panel for you to cover exactly what you need.