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Swift 2S™ Turbo DNA Library Kits


The Easiest NGS Workflow for Routine Sequencing

Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits are a fast, efficient and cost-effective library prep solution. Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation prep and flexible indexing, you can prepare high-quality whole genome and exome libraries using a broad range of input amounts and sample types.

  • High-throughput: Quick 2-hour workflow, 768-indexing, and robust fragmentation.

  • Automation ready: Scripts available for Beckman, Hamilton and PerkinElmer. Fast-track help available to assist with automating on your platform.

  • Budget friendly: >30% per sample over similar products on the market.

Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits come in two configurations:

2S Turbo: All-in-one for quick implementation

Whether discovering or screening germline mutations, 2S Turbo makes library prep more accessible to any laboratory. This kit configuration includes library prep reagents and Swift adapter compatible with several indexing options such a Single, Combinatorial Dual (up to 768-plex) or Unique Dual Indexing.

2S Turbo Flexible: Broaden the range. Expand your scale.

Need a powerful pipeline to detect any variant across any sample quality and quantity? Combine our 2S Turbo Flexible with your choice of full-length indexed adapters (e.g. Illumina TruSeq DNA Single Indexes and TruSeq DNA CD, etc..) to create a fast, efficient, and scalable workflow to detect both rare and common variants in any size project.

NEW!! Swift Deceleration Module enables even more control and flexibility with your Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits. The Reagent DE included in the module:

  • Produces Swift 2S Turbo DNA libraries with a 550 bp insert size (see protocol amendment for use instructions)

  • Controls fragmentation time on automation platforms (contact  to learn how this can be done on your instrument)

  • Adjust your sample elution buffer if your DNA is suspended in 10 mM Tris or water (contact for instructions)

“Wanted to add, I am really impressed with the uniformity in the library size! Haven’t seen that ever with a transposase based library kit.”-From a Client in Maryland 

“We spoke a few weeks ago on a tech support call regarding using the Swift 2S Turbo Library Prep Kit on a mixed microbial plasmid DNA input. I wanted to let you know we followed the 10ng input parameters and it worked beautifully! Our final libraries were slightly large (~450-500bp) but still gave us high-quality sequencing reads and great data. Thank you for your help!”-Elinne Becket, Ph.D., Assistant Professor-Department of Biological Sciences, California State University, San Marcos

An Indexing Kit is required for complete functionality of the Swift 2S Turbo Kit. Please select from the following:

For the Swift 2S Turbo Flexible Kit, we recommend pairing with full length indexed adapters of your choice (e.g. Illumina TruSeq DNA Single Indexes and TruSeq DNA CD, etc…) that are of similar design and are compatible with TA-ligation of dsDNA.

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