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Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit


Accelerate Your RNA-Seq Discovery

The Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit offers the fastest, lowest cost NGS transcriptomics workflow for Illumina® sequencing platforms. Leveraging patented Adaptase® technology, this kit enables stranded RNA library construction directly from 1st strand cDNA without the requirement for 2nd strand cDNA synthesis and degradation, or template-switching methods. The kit is compatible with upstream and downstream enrichment and depletion methods, supports a variety of indexing options, and is easily automatable.

  • Save time and cost: At 3.5 hours, this is the fastest RNA library kit on the market. Combined with the lower cost, you can process more samples in less time to increase your data output.

  • Supports many workflows with indexing options, automation, and Normalase: single, combinatorial dual indexing up to 768, unique dual indexing up to 96, and enzymatic library normalization available; automation-friendly.

  • Robust Performance: Maintains ligation efficiency at all supported inputs and no adapter titration required.

Save Time with Direct Conversion of 1st Strand cDNA

Rapid RNA.jpgRapid RNA.jpg

Robust Mapping and Strandedness

The Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit provides competitive metrics for routine transcriptomics, including high mapping rates and maintenance of strandedness.


Universal Human Reference (UHR) Total RNA (Agilent 740000) was poly(A) enriched using the NEBNext poly(A) mRNA Magnetic Isolation Module (NEB E7490) before beingn processed through the Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit or process following the supplier’s recommendations. Libraries were sequenced on a MiniSeq with 2 x 75 bp paired-end reads. Fastq files were downsampled to 3.8 million reads before analysis using STAR (mapping rate) or rnaseqc (strandedness).

Indexing Options, Kit Configurations, and Automation Support for Any Scale

The Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit uses an Indexing PCR step to complete the fully indexed adapter sequences, using primers that anneal to the truncated adapters added during the Random Priming and Adaptase steps, to be fully compatible with Illumina sequencers. Swift supplies a variety of index configurations and strategies, including:

  • Single indexing

  • Dual indexing as either:

    • Combinatorial dual indexing, up to 768 combinations

    • Unique dual indexing, up to 96 unique dual indices

Available in 24 or 96 reaction kit sizes, the Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit is offered in package sizes to support evaluation and adoption scales.

In addition, the Swift Rapid RNA Library Kit protocol is readily automatable. A 10% overage volume of reagents is supplied to accommodate automation. Please contact our automation team at if you require additional reagent overage volume, if you would like to learn about our custom packaging options, or if you would like to request the assistance of our field support to develop and qualify optimized automated scripts with liquid handling platforms routinely used in NGS library preparation.

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